Hey! My name is Sadie. I'm a little person who wants to help change the world when I grow up, as well as publish/illustrate a few books that capture a child-like sense of wonder.  I live on planet earth with lots of other homo sapiens. I love to paint/draw and write and drink tea whenever I can, as well as bundle up in a sweater with a good book.

I've got a bunny named charlie who lives in my room. I also have three horses (one of which pulls a buggy), two dogs, two cats, and a few chickens. We live in a wonderful bowl of mountains, half the year covered in snow.

This corner of the inter-web is focused on the evolution of me and my art/writing. I hope you like it enough to cozy up with a cuppa. 

some questions

Why did you start painting and writing? A lot of my family is very creative. My grandparents, especially. When I was little, my sister and I would go over to their house all the time. We would be entertained with tea, watercolor paper, and plenty of paints to play with. When we got older, my sister got really into writing. She was super good at it, too. She would read  her stories to me, and almost immediately after that I attempted my first few "stories".

What do you write about? My stories are almost always fantasy, and always fiction. Time and magic both interest me a lot, so I use them for most of my stories. I also write smaller stories about the animals I paint. But you won't see those on this blog, because I don't want anybody to steal them.

What kind of things do I paint? I paint many different things. I love to paint animals who stand upright, drink tea, and wear clothes. But I also paint tea and cakes and people and plants. I use gouache and watercolors for the most part.

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