Watermelon toes


For the last couple of months, its been so cold where I live! I love winter sooo much, but I decided I wanted a little escape to the summer months. So, tropical (ish) toes, here I come! I have a secret board on Pinterest called Patterns for Nails, and the other day I stumbled across this pattern I had pinned a few months back! I decided I wanted to try it on my toes. It was really easy compared to what I normally do, and probably would be a good "introduction" to nail patterns!

If you have a small nailbrush, it will be a lot easier to do detail (Do NOT use a regular paint brush for this! The nail polish will absolutely destroy a future in painting for it! They get super coarse.) ! If not, you can use a toothpick or a bobby pin. 

If you want some watermelons on your toes, here are the directions. 

  • Paint a super light blue color on your toes for a base coat. I used "Find Me an Oasis" by Essie. Let your toes dry completely, so no blue paint will mix with the watermelons.
  • Then, using a fine brush, paint semi-circles (vertical) all over your toes. Try to make it so that each toe is different (it looks better that way)! Use red, dark pink, light pink, orange, and yellow, so that the melons are shaded and are all original. On the big toes, put more watermelons on. On the little toes, 1-2 is fine (it doesn't matter whether or not they are horizontal or vertical on the little toes). 
  • Get a super light green ( I used "chillato" by Essie ) and trace the circular part of the shape with it. Use the fine brush for this.
  • Next, Get a dark green. This will go next to the lighter green, and serve as the watermelon skin. I used "off tropic" by Essie. 
  • Finally, get a black nail polish. For this, you can either use the tip of the nail paintbrush or a tiny dotting tool. I used the tip of the brush :) ! Put three small black dots on the watermelons, for seeds.

Ta Da! Fun, quirky nails for ya!