Spring Break

Spring break in the desert

Hello! I went to the desert! Here are some -- okay, a lot -- of pictures I took.

We left later than we wanted to (I bet you know how that works -- wanted to leave at 2:00 and left at 5:30. The case all the time 😁) but I got to catch a beautiful sunset right after we got out of the canyon. If you see a strange drip or blur, then you should know that I took these pictures through the window of the car. Hehehe. 

Since we started off so late, we got to the hotel later than we were planning. Aka 12:30 in the morning. We had to get up early in the morning for a climbing competition (which was super fun) and then kept driving to the final destination! It was late when we got there, so we had to set up camp/cook/eat/clean the dishes in the pitch dark. We had awesome tacos made by my lovely mom!!

On the first day, we had a lazy morning with pancakes for breakfast. That was pretty awesome. I didn't get a picture of the pancakes, but I did get a picture of the strawberries. 

By the way, let me get a little bit sidetracked for a moment. So for Spring Break, we went camping. We didn't stay in a hotel or anything, we just stayed in our old tent I've spent almost every camping trip in since I was barely able to walk. It came to my attention that when it comes to camping, I'm a little bit spoiled; I'm used to no one being around us for a five mile radius and having to hike miles up a steep, unkept and uneven trail. But this time, we drove straight into the campsite, and we had actual neighbors. Thats a first! It's kinda weird going from actual camping to people-right-next-to-you camping. But, first time for everything!

Anyways. On the first day, we hiked up a beautiful little trail right out of our camp. Here are some pictures I took along the way. 

It was a fun hike to do! It was amazing to look at the colors of the rock, and the places the rock had fallen and left a huge dent in its absence.

breakfast in the desert  | the corduroy fox

The next day, we had a rest day! We had oatmeal for breakfast (notice I'm wearing yellow pants! they are for climbing, but I can't resist yellow) and I had time to plan some drawings out in my awesome notebook! Later I did a two paintings. One was a landscape of the view from our camp, and the other was a sagebrush tree. The landscape I drew from a little perch I found and instantly loved. This is the perch. 

From there I got the perfect view of the opposite side of the valley. So, I painted it! I'm super excited about it because it is (I think) the first successful landscape I've done. Ever. 

And the tree. . .

The Corduroy Fox

The next day, we went to slot canyons. There was a part that was a 12 foot drop you had to climb down (you'd hurt yourself if you jumped) and another part that even skinny people had trouble getting through. The color was absolutely incredible; reds, oranges, browns, and even purples painted the rock. 

A few days later, after a quick dump of rain, two killer rainbows appeared. The sand was even more orange than before, and the menacing grey clouds were tinted purple from the red rock. 

Rainbows in the Desert

On the drive back, we picked up our adorable old puppy, Kipper. He fell asleep on the blanket on my lap!

Kipper the dog

We also another amazing sunset while in a coffee shop's parking lot. 

Sunset in the Parking Lot

Did you go anywhere for spring break? Or did you have a staycation? Whatever you did, I hope you had an absolutely lovely time!!!