More Daily Drawings

Late Summer Mountains by Wandering in Whimsy

Hello! How are you today? I am good, and I’ve been doing my daily paintings now for a month now! Its been so fun, and I’ve already picked up some new skills and come up with new ideas. I came up with a book idea, and am going to be working on rough drafts and planning things out. If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you might know that I would really love to publish a book. I have an idea I’ve been nurturing for years now and working on for years now, and a few days ago I came up with another one.

The picture above is of some late late summer mountains. I’ve really been loving drawing mountains recently! I was dreaming of backpacking trips with my dad and sister when I drew this. As soon as the snow thaws ;).

More mountains! These feel more spring-y to me.

Funky Plant

I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day of a really funky plant. Its colors were so dramatic, so I thought I might try to draw it. I don’t know what type of plant it is though — perhaps a monstera plant?

Dreaming of Dandelions by Wandering in Whimsy

This is a drawing I’ve had in my sketchbook for months. I had high hopes for this painting, so I was nervous to paint it. Luckily, I love it!

Fancy Gators

Some fancy alligators. Some cozy alligators. Some sleepy alligators. Gators wearing sweaters and scarves and rain boots. I got a white pen and though I might try it!

Siamese cats by Wandering In Whimsy

Some siamese cats! These started as a doodle and ended up being one of my favorite drawings so far.

Plant these, save the bees by Wandering in Whimsy

I also did this drawing with my white pen. The bees are disappearing, so plant some plants.

Peachy by Wandering In Whimsy

Here’s a peachy pattern. I found it surprisingly hard to draw these, so I think I’m going to start practicing drawing fruit.

These weren’t all of the things I drew/painted (obviously) but they were some of my favorites. I hope you have a lovely day!