making a to-do list

Hello there! Hope ya have a good day.

Sometimes, I like to have a nice list of stuff I need to do/remember for a day. And it can't hurt if its quirky and prrrtty. So, here we go. 


Include things that could improve you daily productivity and health.

To Do Today | The Corduroy Fox

I'm not always great with sticking to schedule. So starting off early in the day with a planned schedule helps me a lot! In the top right column, I have a heart (for saying if you are exercising that day or not), a dish (what you are gonna have to eat for the most important meal of the day), a calendar (upcoming appointments within the next week), and a little exclamation thinga-ma-jiggy (for important things you have that day).

Make it pretty. If you like. 

To Do | The Corduroy Fox

For me, making a fun-looking schedule is kinda important for my productivity. Next to the titles, add little illustrations. I put a teacup next to my "TO DO" category, because tea is da best.

Practice. Have options!

I had a whole separate page of options. I had a list of blues that I was debating using for the teacup. The painting of the sandwich was an alternative to no illustration by the meal column in the bottom right. I also had color options for the title. For the exercise section, I was arguing using weights or climbing gear. I went with the climbing gear. 


Top Left Column: Top 3 most important things to do that day. 

Top Right Column: Health stuff and appointments.

Middle Left Column: A specific list of times things need to be done that day, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Middle Right Column: A checklist.


Bottom Left Column: Exercise! I like how this part of the schedule turned out the most. 


I painted a pair of climbing shoes and a red coiled rope. Climbing is one of my favorite means of exercise. So, this would inspire me to be active!


Bottom Right Corner: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack (or sweet), and water. I'll write down what I had and how much water I drank. 

I encourage you to make a schedule that works for you! Plus, its really fun. 

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