Lovely New Supplies

Oil Painting
Oil Painting

Working with new materials and learning different techniques is always hard. But I always love experimenting with that type of thing.

While I was down at my grandparents house this summer, I did two oil paintings, which were really fun and pretty loose (as you can tell from the painting above). It was interesting painting with oils, trying to adjust to the thickness and texture of it.

Recently, I got some new materials — Tombow dual brush pens.

Tombow dual brush pens
Summer Things

They are super fun to use, and the colors are all vibrant and wonderful! I’m still learning how to use them, and having a fun time doing so.

Tombow Markers

I also got a great, really helpful book, called Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon. It talks about how to begin your career as an artist. I really like how it doesn’t tell you there is only one path for a person to follow to become an artist. It says that there are lots, and many more will be followed.

Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon

I also got some fun pens a few months ago.

Fun Bens

I think I’ve been using the pink pen the most.

A notebook, pencil bag, and an awesome pencil didn’t hurt either.

Lovely supplies

Do you get inspired by new supplies? Do you enjoy learning how to use them and discovering different techniques?