Leafy Green Toes

Leafy Green Toes by thecorduroyfox.com

Hello there! Well, I think its time for some more nails. And this time, they are nice and leafy. Once again, it would be best if you use a tiny nail art brush. Here is the pattern that I based them off of. While you are painting them, keep in mind to arrange the leaves differently. That way, they look creative and fun!!

Here are the directions:

  • Paint a white base coat on your toes. Make sure your toes are completely dry before you do anything else on them.
  • To paint on the leaves, use a medium-green. The leaves are easy to draw.
  • Next, get a darker green and paint little shadows on the leaves. Don't go over the top though.
  • Finally, get a super light green and paint little highlights on the leaves. Same thing as the dark green -- don't go over the top with it! 

And Ta-da! Leafy nails for ya. If you want to do a clear top coat, then I'd recommend painting it on the day after you paint the design. Otherwise, it'll blur the leafs.