Hey there!

So you might know that I use watercolors for almost all of my art. I also use gouache with a watercolor technique, though.  I started playing with it recently and decided to show you the results. I'm not very good at this yet though, but it was really fun to paint with. 

Gouache Teacup | The Corduroy Fox

This is my final product. It was supposed to be based off of the teacup below, but changed a bit while I was painting. By the way, that little gold thing in the middle of the teacup is the handle. I used ARTIST'S GOUACHE by M. GRAHAM & Co. I love their yellow (to be fair, though, I like all yellows)! All of their paints that I have are really nice, smooth, and fun to use!

Blue Bird Teacup | The Corduroy Fox

The two teacups are very different, but thats okay, because it's art! For one, my teacup is a lot darker, but I like the color. Also, the design is different, but I like both, so no harm done. Not to mention that I only drew the outline of the cup, but nothing else! I'll do more gouache posts, I had fun making this one!