Gone to get Muddy

My family and I drove down to “Camp Gotcha Muddy” (my grandparents house) for a quick weekend visit. My grandparents spoil me and my sister while we are there, feeding us waffles in the morning and slightly chocolate milkshakes (of my sisters invention when she was little, before I was born) for desert. We bike to the pool, where we swim until our hands and feet are prunes and our hair is stiff with chlorine. 


I did a spread of the things that remind me of  my grandparents house and my cousins house. On the left page we have orchids, icecream, a cozy bed, a paddle board, a bowl of popcorn, cheesecake with home picked raspberries, teacups, and a pot of tea. On the right page is another teacup, a body of water ( pool, pond, you choose), waffles, iced tea, a black eyed susan, and my bike. All of these drawings represent some part of every trip to my grandparents and my cousins houses.

Visits to Camp Gotcha Muddy are full of naps, ice tea, early mornings, strawberries, paint (and trying to get it out of your clothes), and listening to the wrens chirp from inside the little houses hung randomly on tree limbs.


My dad grew up at Camp Gotcha Muddy, my grandparents house. It’s settled on the edge of a small town, probably a 30 minute drive (at the least) away from others towns. 

My grandparents love gardening, and a large garden sits on the side of the house. A gate with purple flowers growing all over it leads you into the front of the garden, which is full of zinnias, daisies, black eyed susans, lilies, and other species of flowers. A stone pathway leads through the different blooms. On the right hand side of the gate is my grandfather’s shelf of roses, which grow in shades of purple, pink, peach, orange, red, and other colors I don’t know the name of. 


Then come the vegetables, planted in tidy rows.

And a greenhouse full of tomatoes. 


Not to mention the art and messes that go on around here — oils, acrylics, gouache, watercolor, pressed flowers, embroidery, stone fairy houses decked with moss and berries and colorful petals. Paint on cheeks, noses, arms, and the bottoms of feet. 


I really love Camp Gotcha Muddy.