Bunny Is Proper

Meet Bunny the rabbit. She is one of my stuffed animals who comes to life in my imagination. I've had her since I was two weeks old, and she still inspires my art. 

In these two pictures, Bunny is doing things that make her happy. In the first picture, she is baking a cake in her small, old fashioned oven. My grandparents have a similar oven in their cabin up in the mountains. Theirs is white instead of blue, though, and its a lot bigger. But I really like Bunny's oven -- the color, the shape and size, the stove, and the little pipe coming out of it extending  up to the roof. 

In the second picture, Bunny is having a tea party with herself. She's wearing a little white waistcoat with a brown velvet collar and embroidered flowers.  She has little biscuits on the plate of her teacup, and some sugar, milk, and a pot of tea on the table. 

I love both of theses paintings so much. They are both very clean looking, and both are just very... Bunny!