Be Happy

Be Happy

The world may have its issues -- but to resolve those issues, its inhabitants must be content. Here are some things that always make me happy!!

Drink tea. Ever since I was small, tea (or hot chocolate) makes me feel good. I like how the cup feels in my hands, how the liquid warms up my insides! Most of my problems can become easier to deal with if I have a cuppa. 😉

Look at the stars. I love looking at the stars, knowing how far we are from them, how huge they are, how bright they shine. It is always humbling and fascinating and mesmerizing to gaze up at them.

Take care of something. Providing someone or something else with comfort always helps me feel better -- one, because it takes my mind off whatever is hurting me, and two, because I like to make sure the ones I love are happy.

Eat fruit. I don't know why, but I like the fresh taste of fruit so much!! Makes me feel clean and happy.

Eat vegetables. Same thing as with the fruit!

Drink cold water. Water can help with just about anything. 😉

Smile. Even when in a bad mood, smiling can turn my emotions around, if I smile sincerely. Just the action can bring positive comments to mind, which makes me feel lots better.

Listen to music that makes you feel good. Just dance!! Dancing to feel-good music always helps, and then some. In fact, any movement or activity perks up my brain and mood!

Go outside. Get fresh air. Listen to the sounds of nature, feel the breeze on your face. Let your mind clear and your feet guide you somewhere else.

Take the scenic route. Switch things up a bit! Even a creature of habit (such as myself) will enjoy a change of scenery. Don't worry -- I promise you will have time to take the scenic route home.

Go to bed early. This always helps, because I often don't get enough sleep during the school year. That is, unless I go to bed early. It increases my mood and health. 

Unplug. Get away from your phone, computer, and tv. Walking away from screens for a bit helps you refresh and gather your thoughts. Not only are screens bad for your physical health, but they are bad for your mental health. Social media convinces us that everyone else's lives are better, without reminding us that only highlights of people's lives are shown.

Stop for a sec. I forgot to label this one!! Its below the record player and above the bed. But pausing helps gathering your thoughts even more then unplugging. When I say "stop for a sec", I mean that you should put down everything you are doing so that you don't burn out. It helps a lot!

What makes you happy?