Accepting the Things that aren't Perfect

Mountains by Wandering in Whimsy

Hey! How are you? How’s your February going?

Anyways. I’ve been organizing my old notebooks and paintings and things like that recently, when I came across a book I wrote in third grade. I pored all my heart into that book, all my whimsy thoughts. I illustrated it as well, and later outlined it in pen. After outlining it, I decided I didn’t want it anymore. It wasn’t “good enough.” So, I threw it in the trash. All my ideas, all my stories.

Luckily, my mom discovered what I had done and grabbed it out of the trash can. Today, my mom and I found it with some other old notebooks. She asked me if I had read it recently. I hadn’t. So she leafed through the pages and read one of the chapters to me.

Instantly, I fell in love with the book all over again. My ideas were complex and wonderful. And the themes of the chapters were amazing. I am so glad that I still have that book, and can’t believe I wanted to throw it out.

The outlines weren’t good, in my third-grade self’s opinion. So I threw it out. Now, when I paint something in a sketchbook that doesn’t look like how I wanted it to, I skip over the page when looking through it or tear it out. But after looking through that book, it was the messy things that made me smile. I love that book so much more now because it isn’t perfect.

So if you are ever doing anything that isn’t turning out the way you wanted it to, don’t throw it out. Take a break from it. When you come back to it, you might have a clearer head or way to fix it. Or, you might just end up loving it for the mess it is.