Wandering in Whimsy is Here!

Wandering in Whimsy logo

Welcome back! This site is now Wandering in Whimsy! I hope you enjoy the “new” layout and logo. I had so much fun working on it. So, how are you? Are you feelin’ good? Let me tell you a few reasons why I decided to change The Corduroy Fox to Wandering in Whimsy.

For one, I’ve always felt like whimsy is the word that can describe my work the best. Whimsy is a word that makes me think of animals that walk upright, wear fancy clothes, and have high tea. It makes me think of childlike creatures running around in a field at night, lit by fireflies and the moon. I also love the word wandering because it implies (to me, anyway) an adventure. Bush-wacking adventures, skiing adventures, backpacking adventures, dream adventures. So, I interpret the name Wandering in Whimsy in three ways: wandering in magical things, exploring the universe, wandering inside my mind.

Anyways. I hope you enjoy the site and the art, as always. I have a few posts I’m excited about writing that’ll be up soon!