Random Thoughts

He who must not be named

My head seems to be buzzing with thoughts, so I wrote them down for you to read.

  • I think some of my favorite photos are those that required no effort whatsoever — they just happened.

  • Humans should really try to be more like dogs. I think we need to realize how lucky we are that we have people to love and people to love us.

  • Would life be anything without love? You’d have no friends, family, or companions — you would just know people who hated you. Or maybe no one would hate anyone because everyone is hating everyone, so there would be no difference.

  • We are all made of stardust.

  • I wish there were more hours in the day.

  • For me, true silence can only be achieved in a winter storm.

  • I love lemon cookies.

  • Who came up with the idea for PB + J’s?

  • I looooooooove sketches that are goofy and made in the moment. Like ‘He Who Must Not Be Named” up there.

  • I wonder what my next book to read will be.

Thanks for reading a few of my thoughts. I hope you have a lovely day! Happy December!