The Fall Routine

Lovely ladybug

Well, hello there. Long time no see (which I'm really sorry about)!


Here is my pumpkin this year. His two front teeth are loose — he really wants them for Christmas. ;)

So, its fall. Everyone is back into the school routine, so you would think that everyone would be hustling harder this time of year. But for me at least, fall seems to slow me down in the best of ways.

For one reason or another, fall seems to wake me up quite cozily. The weather is perfect for sweaters and cozying up, but not cold enough that I need to put on 10 layers before walking out the door. The leaves on the trees are such a beautiful color, especially against the calm grey skies that we get this time of year. I love the smells — the smell of the rain, the leaves, the pies. I love the weekend before Halloween where my family and I sit down with the “perfect pumpkin” grown in our garden and somehow uneaten by the deer and carve it — laying newspapers down on the kitchen floor, rolling up our sleeves, and scooping out the slimy pumpkin insides. I love putting old 80’s music on the speakers and dancing with the rake as I put the leaves into piles. I love curling up with my mom and sister and a bowl of popcorn on Friday nights to watch a romcom. I love the first fire — I love the first snow.

And in this gorgeous season, I think that the schedules and to-do lists can be a little more bendable. Here’s a loose version of mine.

Sleeping in in the morning. At almost any other time of the year, I don’t love sleeping in. But in fall, I LOVE it. Its nice to slow down the day — it allows you (or me, at least) to destress.

Waking up slow. When I wake up slow, it allows my day to follow any path — creative, lazy, fast paced, anything at all.

Fixing my tea and breakfast. After slowly getting up out of bed, I shuffle to the kitchen (with my down-blanket wrapped around my shoulders) and click down the water for tea. For breakfast in the fall, I like to have some type of lazily delicious breakfast, like homemade granola, or toasted bread with locally made honey, or a breakfast burrito.

Crawling back in bed and eating breakfast. I always stay off of any screens at this point of the day, because it keeps me productive for longer. Sometimes I read a book at this time, but most days I stare out of my window at the mountains. Charlie runs around at this time.

Get dressed. Preferably in a sweater.

From here on, the schedule gets pretty loosey-goosey. Some to-do’s are:

Go on a walk.


Snuggle with the dogs.

Dance to a good playlist. 

Have some hot chocolate or herbal tea.


What do you do in fall?