Paint palette

Hey there! Happy January!

I thought I might share some paintings I've been doing recently. Some of them are doodles, and other ones took all day.

Cozy Bed | The Corduroy Fox

This painting is of a dog in its cozy bed, dreaming away on a late morning.

The Potter's Studio | The Corduroy Fox

This is a painting of a lady in her clay shop. My elective in school right now is ceramics, and I thought it might be fun to paint it. Here is a time-lapse of it.

I am absolutely awful at pottery, but its super fun.

Another painting I did is this blue pattern I made this summer. Here is a time-lapse.

I love this pattern. Yay!

Last weekend I did a fun painting of a girl with fly away hair and a totally bohemian vibe.

Her Soul Was As Wild As Her Hair | The Corduroy Fox

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!