Morning Routine

One thing that I would like to learn how to do is surf. My uncle surfs really well and has attempted teaching me twice. It is super fun!

This daring woman is obviously good at surfing. Good enough to do a one legged yoga pose while riding a giant wave. Every Morning.

Morning Routine Surfer | The Corduroy Fox

Morning routine (what I decided to call the painting) started as a doodle. I was trying to paint flat water on a different piece of paper and ended up with a pretty color. So I decided to paint a wave with it. Then I decided to add a very talented surfer to the picture. She was a little tricky to paint in, she's so tiny! I had to use a magnifying glass to check that she looked good. I had to do so many tests before I painted her! The colors of the wave are very dramatic, but so beautiful. 

Morning Routine | The Corduroy Fox

This was such a fun painting!