time-lapse set up


I really love watching time-lapses of people painting stuff. But when it comes to setting up a time-lapse for myself, I always struggle a tiny bit. I'm not great with technology!

So I usually get a stack of books, place an old iPhone onto, and then something heavy to hold it on on top. If it needs to be taller, then I get more books, or a water bottle, or something like that. Its a strange and risky set up, but it works! 

The Corduroy Fox

But recently I started to use a slight bit better of a set up, and without any risk of a phone toppling into paint water! It still includes some books, though.

I used my sister's selfie-stick tethered to some books, which was a better level anyways.

It includes books. . . | The Corduroy Fox

Works pretty well!