Winter is Here

Hello there!

Is anyone else incredibly excited to make snow angels, and skiing, and building snowmen?

My sister and I convinced our mom to buy some marshmallows for our hot chocolate, and for the last few days I've been fixing cups of it with a mountain of them. 

Our horse, Cord, pulls a buggy during the summer and a sleigh during the winter. 

He was such a gentle giant today, as always. 

Whenever it snows, Ruby is so energetic (but, to be fair, she's always pretty energetic). Puppy at heart!

Our cat, Tally, likes to warm up in the barn on cold days. She likes to sleep in the stack of hay that is for the horses to eat, and always looks so cute! Tally is a sassy little cat, and can never decide whether or not she wants to scratch you or cuddle with you. In this picture, she is debating which of the two to do.

Tally the Cat | The Corduroy Fox

I love winter soooo much!