100 Days of Creativity

Tombow markers

Well hello there. Nice to see you! I hope that your day has been lovely!

I am going to make a #100Days challenge for myself. I think its super important to try to be creative instead of staring at a screen for some part of your day. My goal is to make something everyday — sketch, painting, cool journal page, a post on le blog, just something creative and productive. For the days that I make something like a painting or a sketch, I will post it either on the blog or on my Instagram. I’ve already done 7 days the challenge that I forgot to post 😁… so here they are.

Pomegranates 1/100
Tea Lady 2/100
Its Fall 3/100
Inktober 4/100
Rocktober 5/100
Geometric 7/100

Day 1: Pomegranates painted with Tombow markers

Day 2: Sassy lady in a fur coat (also painted with Tombow markers)

Day 3: Ready for a fall walk (painted with Tombow markers)

Day 4: Inktober botanical print

Day 5: Rocktober (painted with Tombow markers)

Day 6: This post and setting up an Instagram account for The Corduroy Fox

Day 7: Switching it up a bit with some geometrical patterns!

I’m really excited for this challenge. I hope that by the end of it, I will have grown as an artist. I’m also hoping that I will know how to combat a creative rut by day 100! By the end of the 100 days, the date will be Tuesday January 29, 2019!